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I am a doctor who has treated many detox patients and have written several books about the detox process. The product I am reviewing here is one I have used personally.

How Do They Work?

The premise is that alcohol is the primary factor in the onset and progression of alcoholism. The liver releases enzymes to break down the alcohol, causing the formation of a chemical called acetaldehyde in the blood. This creates a condition called acetaldehyde poisoning. This occurs as the liver is flooded with the toxic load and must produce more acetaldehyde. The liver produces less and less acetaldehyde to keep the level of toxin in the blood low. When the level reaches a critical level the liver shuts down and the body stops releasing the liver enzymes to remove the toxin. It is at this point the liver stops working, and the symptoms of alcoholism appear.

What causes the symptoms?

There are a number of different causes of alcoholism. Many people get into the habit by using alcohol and smoking drugs and then drink again. Most of these people have no idea that they are not getting rid of the alcohol and marijuana as much as they thought.

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