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You should read these things about the brain to learn more about how the brain works and how brain power works.

Brain power is your ability to do a lot of things. Your brain power can range from just a little to a great deal. Your brain power is an estimate of the amount of brain power you have. You can have too much, too little or no brain power. This can be good and bad, depending on your needs and your personality. How Much Brain Power Does Your Brain Have? People usually believe that they have too little brain power, which is good because it can help them concentrate and feel better, but bad because they won't be able to think about anything else. They'll be like that for hours on end, and it's not going to help them focus. However, most people don't have enough brain power, and that's OK. They have enough to be very alert, but they just need to spend less time doing other stuff. There is always something else to do. If you really need to do some work that takes up a lot of your brain power, you need to know if you are "too little" to work.

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